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 Do you want a private tour of Turkey, but are afraid to ask?
 No need to fear as Turkey is still one of the best worldwide value travel destinations
 available and one of the richest in culture, nature and history.

 We are here to help.

 Experience tells us that most people who contact us regarding private tours don't know their
 real options for touring in Turkey, so let's talk about how private touring can be done in the
 way you like!

 If you are interested in knowing more about private tour options in Turkey, please take the
 time to fill out the questionnaire below. It is confidential and you have no obligation. OR JUST  WRITE US A MESSAGE
1- Name and Surname:
2- E-Mail
3- Address:
4- Phone / Fax:
5- Number of Adults:
6- Number of Children:
7- Ages of Children:
8- Number of Rooms:
What makes you interested in taking a private tour?
1- Independence
2- Specific Interest
3- Very little time
4- Quality concerns
5- Hotel upgrades
6- Off season
7- Dislike large groups
8- Health reasons
 How would you like the speed of the itinerary?
1-  Fast: I want to see as much as possible
2- Regular: Following classic tour itineraries
3- Slow: I want some leisure time!
Mode of Travel
1- Some public transport to save money
2- I want a driver only
3- I prefer to fly from place to place and hire local guides
4- I want a totally escorted tour with guide and driver
5- I am flexible
Where do you want to go?
1- I want Istanbul only or around Istanbul
2- I want a tour of the highlights
3- I want the Aegean area: Gallipoli, Troy, Pergamon, Ephesus etc.
4- I want to see Cappadocia and/or eastern Turkey
5- I am interested in the Mediterranean area: Antalya, Fethiye etc.
6- Off the beaten path
7- I want to combine culture and recreation (sun and fun or cruise)
8- Beach Holiday
9- Help me with some choices
What kind of hotel do you want to stay in?
1- Luxury
2- Chain hotel
3- Boutique
4- 4 Star
5- Moderate
6- Budget
7- Family - Apart
8- Beach - Resort
9- Spa
What special interests or preferred activities do you have?
1- Hiking
2- Skiing
3- Sailing
4- Ballooning
5- Shopping
6- Walking
7- Nature
8- Photography
9- History
10- Honeymoon
11- Village life
12- Night life
13- Cruising
14- Other
If you would like to tell us more about your needs and wishes, please write in the area below: